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These functions are held three times each year in the Champagne area exclusively. Attendance is confined to members of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne and their guests together with select groups of leading personalities destined to become ambassadors at large for the wines of Champagne. Traditionnally each chapitre comprises an intronisation ceremony followed by a gala dinner.



In countries where the Order has embassies or consulates, namely in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland, one or two chapitres or informal gatherings are organised annually by the Order's representatives. These events are primarily intended for members and their guests in the countries concerned.


Grand Chapitre de Florence   9 march 2017

Chapitre de Printemps

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères - Paris 7 april 2017
Grand Chapitre de Hong-Kong   27 april 2017
Grand Chapitre de Taïwan   29 april 2017
Grand Chapitre de Guadeloupe   9 may 2017
Grand Chapitre de Miami   12 may 2017
Grand Chapitre de l'Ambassade en Grande-Bretagne Londres 22 may 2017
Chapitre de la Fleur de Vigne Palais du Tau - Reims 30 june 2017
Grand Chapitre du consulat des îles anglo-normandes Jersey 7 july 2016
Grand Chapitre de l'ambassade en Autriche Linz 23 september 2017
Grand Chapitre de l'ambassade en Allemagne Hambourg 13 october 2017
Chapitre des Vendanges Palais du Tau - Reims 28 october 2017
Grand Chapitre de Sydney   1st november 2017
Grand Chapitre de Melbourne   3 november 2017



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